Tangsfire Lithium Battery Charger


UL ratings can dictate the flexibility of your cords, and the test methods used to ensure that your wires comply with standards set in place to prevent electrical fire risks. It’s a big deal, and LotFancy has that necessary rating. There’s no issue with this heating up, at least not in the model that we tested, but the charge time is where the concern tends to come in. It can take anywhere from four to six hours to get a full charge on a standard lithium-ion battery, which is a bit longer than we’d like to see.

With that, there’s also a slightly less convenient connection method. It’s a three-prong, but it’s a female plug, so your connections are limited to specific models. Those models are listed on the sales page, and are still extensive enough to make this a viable pick. Using the multi-stage overload protection, this won’t melt or cause a fire, and it will also be rated to last you for quite some time. There’s a 30-day money-back on this, but also a one-year warranty if the charger malfunctions at all. A classic win-win.