TCP Global Ultimate Pad Buffing and Polishing Kit


If you’re looking to get every buffing pad you might need in a single purchase, you can’t go wrong with the TCP Global Ultimate 6 Pad Buffing and Polishing Kit. This variety pack of buffing pads includes five waffle foam pads and one wool pad. Each of the brightly colored waffle foam pads has a different coarseness or aggressiveness, designed to target every surface on your car – from enamels and acrylics, to clear coats and final finishes. The coarse wool compounding pad is perfect for buffing oxidized paint, orange peel and deep scratches, as well as polishing hard top coats.

This comprehensive set also includes a seven-inch diameter threaded polisher backing plate, designed to fit a 5/8-inch polisher, which provides a no-slip grip and makes it easier to change the pads on your polisher. We love the range of grits provided, their quality, and how much easier it is to buff a car using these pads. This is definitely one to consider if you want to cut, polish and finish the surface of your automobile, with specially designed pads for each function.