Techwood Hot Plate Electric Burner


Camp Chef knows the needs of all household and RV owners; thus, their products keep delivering very satisfying results in every home, mobile or not. Our editorial team looked at the vast array of RV ovens and strived in the company’s arsenal and decided to include their Camp Chef Explorer Stove to our list of recommendations. We needed a double burner stove which performs better than most models on the market, and this unit was the closest and best one we could identify. Over the years, the Camp Chef brand has made it a point to create items that help you save cook time while having a lot of fun in your kitchen space. Their Explorer burner stove is a classic example of such things. 

This is an adjustable camping stove unit, designed and built with heavy-duty materials such as cast iron, and stainless steel. It promotes modular cooking, unlike many competing models and is versatile in its placement and usage. This RV stove holds heat well and distributes it evenly for the compete for cooking of all your foods in a short time. The surface of the stove’s grill is designed as a ready to use the unit, thanks to its natural cooking surface. The top grill mentioned earlier allows every user to cook their favorite sandwiches or fresh fish with ease. It features a professional design that makes it very easy to clean after cooking.