Tekonsha Primus IQ Electronic Brake Control


Hayes is a company that has been putting out aftermarket vehicle tools for quite a while, and this is its entry into the trailer brake control market. It’s a time based model so you are already looking at a lower price than the more high-end proportional models.

As a time-based model it is very to install, and it also require no pre-leveling, which we always like to see in time-based braking control units. It’s simple to set up, it’s simple to use… what more can we say? It works on up to three axles and with both manual and automatic brakes. It’s simple and it’s effective.

One thing that isn’t quite so effective is the attached connector, which is frankly garbage. It has a strange design that means it is compatible with some vehicles types for an easy plug and play installation but not with others. Hayes suggests you buy the model with an additional connector to ensure compatibility. The thing is though that extra adaptor costs some extra money. That pushes the total price up toward that of a more basic proportional brake unit. That really does dent the value for the money of this product.