TEKTON 1882 3/8-inch Drive Socket Organizer with 14 Clips


The second socket organizer from TEKTON on our list (proving the brand really is an expert at this) is the 1882 3/8-inch Drive Socket Holder and Organizer with 14 Clips. This single rail socket organizer can hold 14 x 3/8-inch drive sockets (there’s also a 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch version in the same style).

The patented ‘twist-to-lock’ socket clip design ensures that your sockets are held securely in place even when mounted vertically using the keyhole slots. If you need more space, extra socket clips are available to purchase separately, and if you want to get really fancy you could purchase the additional side mount ratchet and extension bar holder set, to turn this TEKTON socket organizer into a wrench organizer too!