TEKTON 5547 Dual Gear 4-Ton Power Come Along Winch


Our top pick of the best come along winches on the market has to be this TEKTON 5547 Power Puller. This heavy duty ratcheting gear pulley system features a super-strong steel construction with a corrosion-resistant galvanized finish, and a ¼ inch aircraft-grade steel cable with a pull length of 7 feet 3 inches (or 12 feet 7 inches when used as a single line).

The locking pawls and dual gears distribute pulling force evenly, and the self-closing safety latch hooks ensure secure connections, and allow you to use this come along cable puller as either a single or double line. All this enables you to safely move an impressive 4 tons of weight, by using the non-slip ratchet handle to release the cable one notch at a time. Negative reviews question the composition of the metal, but there are also numerous happy customers who have successfully used this winch to move heavy loads, including trailers stuck in the mud.