Tekton Digital Tire Gauge


Tekton hit the peak of our list for a lot of reasons, price being one of them. Amazon’s top choice on a tire pressure gauge have proven right for over 4,800 other car enthusiasts, and comes with some killer features that really set it apart from the rest of the lot.

You get a digital read on the left side of your gauge, but the excellent part of this tire pressure gauge is the light-up ring. You don’t have to stumble in the dark to find your pressure cap. If you’re checking the pressure while still in the garage, and the lighting isn’t the best, you’ll praise this product up and down for its ability to help.

The ergonomic grip ensures that you won’t drop this while you’re trying to use it, while the nozzle seals the valve stem to eliminate the amount of air that leaks out when you apply pressure. With a push-button trigger control, your gauge wakes up and gets to work. Batteries last for 2+ years, and takes LR44.