Ten Eighty Launch Ramp


Ten Eighty is a brand known globally to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality models. They produce everything related to the art of skating and transportation. Their brand was set up with the sole aim of helping skating enthusiasts do the one thing they love the most; to skate. To ensure this, they create some of the world’s most delicate equipment, which allows skateboard users to have the most wonderful time, while staying safe and fully balanced. One of such products is their Ten Eighty Launch Ramp.

Out of their trick scooter ramps collection, this unit tops the charts. It is a skateboard ramp designed carefully and accurately such that at every point in time, you can undertake your favorite tricks and stunts without a care in the world. This ramp features two different units, connected via a tabletop unit. It also has a very smooth radius and a textured finish that keeps you safe while you have fun. The finish is slip-resistant to enhance your stability and also helps you stay put no matter the weather condition.