Tepui Kukenam Sky Tent


The specifications of the Yakima Skyrise Rooftop Tent follow that of its predecessor, the Skyrise Tent. This flagship product had its design improved upon after Yakima decided to collaborate with world-renowned outdoor brand Poler. This partnership gave birth to a special edition version that many campers have grown attached to, thanks to its high quality and durability. This tent features signature elements from both the Poler and Yakima brands such as Poler’s branding and colors, as well as Yakima’s framing and structure.

Once installed atop your vehicle, the tent looks perfectly at home, like a bird perched on a branch. It can be connected anywhere you find yourself, from the beach to the forest and any other location your brave heart directs you to. Depending on a user’s specific needs, this tent comes in various sizes and colors to suit your personality and style.

The Yakima Skyrise tent is crafted from lightweight yet solid aluminium and requires only 15 minutes to complete an installation. All materials are similar to those used in the construction of backcountry tents as it’s both breathable and lightweight. Also pre-installed within this tent is a wall-to-wall mattress with a removable cover that makes cleaning easy. 

This mattress features a foam designed to cradle your body in comfort all night long. As for ventilation, the Yakima Skyrise is built with a mesh panel zip that opens up to allow the free flow of air. This pop-up roof top tent is an excellent option for both seasoned and beginner campers who love to explore their environment in the rain or under the rays of the sun.