Testo 552 Digital Vacuum Micron Gauge


With a range of 0 to 0.39 PSI or 0 to 20,000 microns, Testo’s Micron Gauge will read all the way down to a complete vacuum in a flawless fashion. Made in the USA, the full H20 saturation display is featured to ensure that a full and proper evacuation has been carried out. What’s more, the compact design – featuring a nimble hook at the strap and a polymer case – can take a right beating and still work flawlessly.

Electronically speaking, the Bluetooth capacity will link automatically to your smart phone or device immediately. Plus, with the help of the free Testo SMART Probes app, your reading results will be documented in an accessible manner. All in all, the device is perfect for carrying out a perfect evacuation of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems.