The Coldest Water Vacuum Cycling Water Bottle


The Coldest Water Bottle makes a bold claim – and it delivers. The team of engineers behind this bottle conducted extensive research and testing to create the best insulated water bottle for keeping drinks cold. They came up with an ultra-durable, rust-resistant stainless steel construction that has double-walled insulation to keep your water cold for up to 36 hours (or hot for 13 hours).

Another thing that makes this bottle unique is its ability to float. This may not be particularly useful to you whilst cycling, but it could come in handy if you’re on a cross-country ride or heading to the beach. Other features of this bottle include a rubber grip, large carry handle, and wide lid, which makes it easy to add ice. Whilst this bottle is undeniably great at keep drinks cold, some users have experienced issues with the paint on the bottle smearing – try to keep it away from oil and sunscreen to avoid this. The screw-top cap also means you’ll have to stop cycling to drink safely.