Thetford EcoSmart RV Holding Tank Treatment


More and more, people are beginning to care about the environment. For that reason, RV septic cleaner options like this are becoming the belle of the ball. The Thetford 128-Ounce EcoSmart FF Deod offers up a formaldehyde-free formula which is just as effective. It works by breaking down and liquefying solid waste in order to guard against clogs. It does this while ensuring that foul odors are kept well at bay. In addition to being as multifaceted as they come, this product is incredibly convenient. First, users will be pleased to know that this formula does not stain, it can simply be washed off with soap and water. Additionally, it is not toxic to humans or aquatic beings alike. The environment as a whole has nothing to fear when it comes to this highly effective treatment. All in all, users can rest assured that their tanks will be odor free and squeaky clean.