Throttle Muscle Xtreme Race Brake Fluid


Another product that seems relatively cheap (under 10 dollars) until you see the bottle size (12 ounces). So you’re probably going to need 3 or 4 of these to completely refill a drained system on even a smaller sized car. Still, like the Castrol product above, this fluid does play well with others, so once again it’s ok to look at it as a top up fluid too.

It brings a range of features to the table too – a number of which are frankly missing from the similarly priced Castrol – such as the very handy ability to minimize moisture absorption. Again, this is going to potentially lengthen the time between fluid changes, as well as help to prevent the dreaded vapor lock.

It’s slightly strange that it is as advertised as DOT3 ad DOT4 classified, as this only really refers to the boiling points of the product – so technically, every DOT4 product is also DOT3 classified, because of the that higher boiling point it has.

We also have no idea what is so Xtreme about it (note to Throttle Muscle, that’s not how that word is spelt) but crazy labeling decisions aside this is a high performance fluid with a number of useful features.