Tiny Love Stroller Arch Car Seat Toy


Your baby’s daily walk will take a different turn with the Tiny Love Sunny Stroller Arch. This is the top car seat toy in our list because it entertains and stimulates your baby on the go. The design of this toy makes it easy to hold and is also smart enough to promote your little one’s development. It features eight different and yet equally engaging activities, each of which encourages play while stimulating the sense of your child. The arch from the Tiny Love Meadow is adjustable; thus, parents can avoid overstimulation by personalizing the interaction levels.

This car seat toy stimulates the sense of your little one via its different and intriguing textures. These textures are also known to encourage play. The baby travel toys attached to the stroller arch are ideal for your baby’s tiny hands and have been built to stand up to the mouth exploration and gumming your child will most likely subject it to. The arch also features a teether for the soothing and natural development of your baby at all times. Watch as your child engages the laws of cause and effect by spinning the attached propeller on the Tiny Love Meadow arch.