TMB Motorsports Pop Up Roof Tent


The TMB Motorsports Green Pop Up Roof Tent is an incredibly designed rooftop tent crafted with care and precision to provide users with ultimate comfort. Its design enables the TMB tent to fit most vehicles and is preferred by many hikers and campers. All that is needed to make use of this roof top tent is roof rails and cross bars. Upon purchase, users are provided with a package that includes an extra storage bag, a free flashlight, and a ladder for climbing into their sleeping space.

The TMB rooftop tent is constructed from a sturdy, durable and weatherproof material that keeps all elements of nature at bay and keeps you protected and comfortable for more extended periods. It features inner and outer zippers for secure closure, the use of snap straps for temporary closure, and a bungee net roof storage with side pouches. The main space comes with a pre-installed mattress that accommodates two people.

The mattress is made from memory foam, and this provides users with a higher level of comfort. The design feature that causes the TMB Motorsports tent to stand out from its competitors is its ability to directly fold out from the roof rack, providing you with an excellent sleeping area. This is a rooftop tent that is highly convenient and easy to install and use.