TomTom GO 600 Portable Vehicle GPS


If Garmin is one of the market leaders in this sector, then TomTom is without a doubt just as big. Their name is now almost shorthand for GPS navigation, and this TomTom GPS is the latest in a long line of outstanding products from the company.

One of the cool things about this model is the 3D map display. This can be extremely helpful when you are driving in an unfamiliar city or area, as landmarks are very easy to pick out in a 3D map. You also get great touchscreen controls, the ability to zoom in/out of the map, advanced lane guidance and spoken street names to aid navigation. Parking assist will highlight nearby parking, and if you drive in urban areas you’ll wonder how you got by without this feature. 

TomTom Traffic provides real-time, and highly accurate, traffic updates. Whilst that is a great feature, it does require you to connect your Smartphone to the device and it will eat into your data plan a bit, so just bear that in mind.