Tony Candela – Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems


Aside from the mechanical aspects of automotive repair, wiring and electrical systems could be quite complicated. For many with the privilege of having manuals that deal in repair, this aspect may not be as comprehensive as expected. Hence, the importance of Tony Candela’s Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems (Workbench Series).

Tony Candela, for 20 years, has been actively practicing in the field of automotive electronics. He has also given countless and numerous seminars on the basics of automotive electronics, wiring, and much more. This is why this workbench series actively has in it, a lot of commonly sought-after information on the topic, as well as the deep essentials. This book covers multiple electrical principles, all the required tools needed to get the work done properly and more efficiently, and also, in-depth analysis of installations. This publication also teaches how to outrightly perform outstanding jobs when it comes to wiring, and all other topics on electrical systems needed to guide a reader adequately.