Tooluxe Pneumatic Air Ratchet Wrench


Some air impact wrench tools are really useful, but sometimes users still have to revert to using a manual ratchet to get into those difficult to reach places. This air impact wrench bridges that divide and it is small enough to use almost anywhere. However, it still manages to produce the power of a much larger impact tool that can be used for industrial purposes. This is down to the clever design that is strong due to the aluminum housing that the air ratchet comes in.

Users also enjoy other key features that do not come as standard in all pneumatic tools like a cordless ratchet. For starters, the front exhaust means that users do not have to suffer the airflow going into their faces so that dirt and debris stay clear of eyes, mouth, and noses as a result. Additionally, the reversible four vane motor produces a fast action that can be used on all fasteners to either loosen or tighten. This small cordless ratchet manages to produce a free speed of 150 RPM as well as having the ability to produce 45 ft-lbs of torque.

Lastly, this inexpensive air impact wrench is also built to last owing to the aluminum housing, steelhead, and planetary gear reduction mechanism.