TOORUN Bluetooth Headset M26


Another super-affordable Bluetooth headset, the Kissral earbud is small and lightweight, comfortable to wear, delivering good quality audio and clear calls. It’s a perfect piece if you’re looking for small, almost invisible Bluetooth earbuds that can be worn not only when you drive, but when you train in a gym or relax at home.

The Kissral is compatible with most kinds of Bluetooth devices, including tablets, cameras, watches and of course smartphones. It can also be paired with two devices at ones, meaning two smartphones of your choice. Featuring Bluetooth 4.1 audio decode technology, it provides clear and good quality sound for compatible devices. It also helps it’s super-easy to control – with just one big button, the headset is incredibly easy to operate and adjust. As for the quality of phone calls, with a built-in HD mic and noise reduction tech, the earbud produces very clear calls and audio in general. The battery is a 65mAh lithium, which delivers up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 6 hours of music time, plus 120 hours of standby time.