Top Gear Roadside Assistance Kit


Despite happily cashing in on the brand that made millions for a racist and a homophobe, if you can look past that this is actually a pretty decent roadside assistance kit.

The standout feature really has to be the hand charged LED torch that is a very well designed little tool. Many of these kits come with torches, and whilst that is very useful – in fact it’s always useful to have a torch – the problem with a traditional torch design is the batteries. If you don’t monitor them they can leak or discharge, leaving you without a torch just as you need it – no such problem with the hand wound model here.

Safety is also a big feature in this kit, which is nice to see. A high visibility vest is paired with a reflective triangle to help you to be seen. Tools are basic – jumper cables, a space saving multi-tool, tie cables – but basically what you would expect to find in a similar priced kit.