Torchstar Telescoping LED Flashlight & Work Light


The telescoping rechargeable LED flashlight from Torchstar offers two different light sources in a single sturdy product that generates 45 lumens and 15 hours run time during flashlight mode. When fully extended, the torch provides 14 inches in terms of light coverage. Its lamp head can be rotated at a 90 degree angle in multiple directions and the durable magnet base allows you to attach it to any metal surface. Moreover, it can vertically stick to almost any ironware thanks to the four-piece magnets in the bottom.  This hands-free feature is ideal for mechanics and other professionals who need a stable light source to illuminate their work area. When in work mode, this torch is able to provide three hours run time and it takes around three to six hours to fully recharge it. 

Every Torchstar work light comes with a car charger and a USB charger. It is also made of rugged ABS plastic casing that is resistant to both rust and shock. This heavy-duty surface is  designed to be cool to the touch even after long periods of use. All of the above features make this product ideal for a wide range of professional and recreational activities such as hiking, camping as well as car repair. It can also come in handy during power outages and in the absence of stable light source.