Total Boat Wet Edge Topside Paint


Here is another product that is primarily designed for use on boats but with a sideline as garage door paint, but it should also be pointed out that this is wood garage door paint only.

It is very easy to clean and dries to a very durable surface that boasts extremely high abrasion protection. It’s also easy to apply, being paint with high solids content. This means it rolls on nice and easy, and you only have to apply a couple of thin layers to get a really good finish. It also has a self-leveling formula to provide an even coat.

The real standout feature with this product though has nothing to do with its boat paint based features – it’s actually the fact that there are so many colors to choose from. There are in fact 21, ranging from oyster white to aqua blue and vibrant yellow to deep greens. That represents a color range that frankly no other paint on this list can match.