TotalBoat Rust Primer


If you require the best rust converter for your machinery that seems to rust often, we recommend the TotalBoat Rust Primer. The main aim of this well-prepared formula is to stop rust in its tracks, no matter the level of severity. This rust primer works by converting rust into an inert substance, rendering it weak and powerless. It is a rust treatment formulated from phosphoric acid and works wonders on objects such as rusted bikes, cars, boat trailers, and many other metallic surfaces. It doesn’t matter if the metal to be worked on is old or new; this rust primer works well on all types of surfaces.

A gallon of the TotalBoat rust converter primer covers up to 500 sq. feet and over. The formula is water-thin, and as such, it doubles as a superior paint adhesion on your surfaces. To apply this primer, you must first do away with all forms of dirt and debris on the surface of your rusted metal, before brushing this treatment on. To let users know that a chemical change has occurred, the metal being worked on will turn black. This change also means that the rust has been transformed into an inert state and as such, cannot spread any further. This rust primer comes in a variety of sizes for your convenience, ranging from quartz to gallon sizes.  Stop rust immediately and make sure it never comes back by using the TotalBoat Rust Primer.