Toyo Tires Extensa A/S All Season Radial Tire


The tire of a vehicle contributes so much to its overall performance and is a determining factor for the comfort, safety, and security of the occupants. Toyo tire is very much fully aware of this fact and has developed the perfect solution to address all concerns regarding the performance and delivery of vans and cars. The Toyo Tires Extensa A/S All-Season Radial Tire – 195/60R15 87T is your all-season tire applicable to a wide variety of minivans and passenger cars. It gives you extraordinary performance in all surface conditions whether snowy, dry, and wet or muddy terrains. You can be sure for it to provide you with a most comfortable ride and take you very far.

The optimized center block arrangement, together with the variable pitch angles assure excellent road contact to enhance your comfort, safety, and security. The shoulder rib reduces greatly irregular wear and enhances grip and overall stability. It features four wide circumferential grooves with uneven pitch channels to enhance wet traction and evacuates water. The symmetric tread design makes it possible to cross rotate in order to minimize uneven wear thereby greatly improving traction and extending the life span of your tire and vehicle. This Toyo Extensa tire features a treadwear indicator to enable you to keeps track of its performance for you to have absolute control over its replacement options. It weighs a modest 18 pounds and measures 24.2×7.7×24.2 inches.