TPI 605 Single Input Digital Vacuum Gauge


As usual, we’ve decided to save one of the best products for last. Although TPI’s Digital camo-green Vacuum Gauge looks old-fashioned, the multitude of features on offer make it far from outdated. Able to read a vacuum in seven international units of measure, the digital vacuum gauge can successfully operate between 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Still can’t make up your mind between this stellar gauge and hiring out a professional? The auto-power feature, meaning that power shuts off entirely when the vacuum is above 12,000 microns, will surely tempt you. And our personal favorite feature has to be the strong magnet mount – the no-hands feature allows us to unleash our inner laziness! All in all, TPI’s vacuum gauge is an inexpensive solution when working on a modern A/C or heat pump system.