TrackMania Turbo – PlayStation 4


The goal of the Trackmania Turbo is to have tremendous fun while chasing the fastest time. The arcade racing universe of Trackmania Turbo will keep you coming back for one last lap every time, thanks to its highly replayable, easy to learn yet hard to master tracks. Step into the wild car fantasy world of this racing game and discover the ultimate time attack racing experience. The Trackmania Turbo features over 200 head-spinning tracks, set in four beautiful environments, each displaying a unique play style.

This racing game has the arcade feel and brings back the nostalgia of racers with the music and even the crew voices. The track builder feature in this game provides you with over two hundred tracks and still allows you to challenge your buddies as well as other players in the community by designing or efficiently generating crazy personal paths that can be shared in online communities. Up to hundred players can join an online paying room, and the end goal is to race for the fastest lap time, and not just the finish line. It’s rewarding, intense and highly competitive, a breath of fresh air to the racing genre.