Travel Bug Head Support and Strap Cover Combo


Meet the Travel Bug Head Support one of the best head and strap combo products in the market today. This is a fantastic product which doesn’t only offer you the much-needed head support for your child. It also keeps your child entertained with its unusual and attractive exterior. The Travel bug support is easily attachable to your bouncers, strollers and car seats. It does a fantastic job, thanks to its three or five-point harness systems which are known to aid in optimum performance. Children, especially newborns, have extra sensitive skin, which is why the Travel Bug system exists. The design of this product includes soft padding that keeps your baby’s head and neck in place at all times.

Cleaning your baby head support pillow and the strap is very simple and straightforward as it only requires you to place it in your washing machine. Keep this head support in your car during all your travels to help keep your little travelers comfortable, well-positioned, and extremely secure. If you wish to keep your child’s delicate skin away from irritations, you can make use of the Travel Bug strap cover system. We love this combo product, and we’re confident your little one will too.