Travel Pillow Memory Foam U Shape Pillow


The first of our countdown in the classic U shape, this humble travel pillow boasts many benefits. First of all, the traditional U design is the perfect shape to cradle the neck and prevent it from falling forward during slumber. This particular car neck pillow is made from memory foam for a truly comfortable experience and has a soft microfibre case which can be easily removed and washed. 

Unlike the previous options on the list, this pillow is mobile, you can use anywhere – on a plane, on a bus and on the morning commute on the train. But it doesn’t stop there – as it doesn’t require a headrest for installation, the uses are limitless! Take it to the beach, use it to read on the couch, take it camping … take it pretty much anywhere you want! And, because it’s so lightweight, packing it is no trouble at all. In fact, it comes equipped with a snap strap so you can simply attach it to your carry on case, so there’s no need to use up any valuable space.