Traxion 1-100 ProGear Wide Body Creeper


The creeper has set new standards for all other low profile creepers out on the market and the design is extremely low for those mechanics who work on lower cars or sports car. The wide body ensures you can move around and allows a free workspace; the creeper has an incredibly ergonomic design with a raised headset and lumbar support. The wide contoured deck ensures superior comfort and the lumbar support provides all the support you need. Moreover, it ensures better spinal health while working for hours and the drop deck has no pinch points.

The huge 5-inch caster wheels are not directly underneath the creeper, which is what allows the low profile design. The huge wheels ensure the creeper can move around in all types of terrains without being stuck or hitting too many bumps. The weight capacity is a whopping 401 lbs. and it works best for professionals working with all kinds of cars. It is best suited for beginners who suffer from spinal problems.