TREE.NB Battery Charger for Hoverboard


Suposun actually made one of the best chargers on our list that don’t heat up from a ton of use, but the problem is that it’s not exactly the most sturdily constructed. You’re going to get a quick charge off of this, and be able to use it for a myriad of vehicles including ATVs, dirt bikes and others. The charger can even be used for some electric skateboards. The thing is, the plug is a three-prong, just like you want, but it’s a female output which can sometimes limit its versatility depending on the brand of hoverboard you own.

It’s a basic charger that gets the job done right, and doesn’t cost a lot upfront. It’s actually one of the cheapest on the list, and still comes with an LED indicator light, as well as overload protection. The main thing with this is that the wire—specifically the one that goes from the three-prong cord to the power box—has a very flimsy connection. It works, but the wire would be best treated as fragile. It’s good for home use, just don’t bring it out on travel.