Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock


Gorilla is back for their second entry on our list. Just as before, this is a quality item, though it should be noted that this is more of an entry-level lock than the ones we looked at previously.

Does that mean some features are stripped back? Well yes, but one area that remains as strong as before is the construction. The body of this device is made from excellent high-quality steel, exactly what you would expect from Gorilla wheel nuts. Over the top of this, you will find high-end triple nickel plating with a chrome finish.

That chrome finish, by the way, is great – these nuts are designed to look awesome on a car. The entry-level aspect comes from the exposed locking area. On the premium Gorilla models, the locking area is tucked away inside a narrow sleeve for extra protection, but that is omitted here.

For that reason, you may not get quite the same high-quality security from this product as from premium models. But it is still a high-quality item with a very reasonable price tag.