TRUE LINE Automotive Computer Customized Window Tint Kit


Another of the pre-cut options, this range of car window tints from TRUE LINE Automotive is very similar to some other products.Just enter your vehicle details, and you will receive a pre-cut piece of material – it is lovely and simple!

It’s good to see that with this product there is a range of kit sizes available. You can go for the full kit, which includes all side windows plus the rear, or you can customize the kit to include only the rear passenger windows and/or the rear window itself. There is even an option for a sunroof cut out. This could be really handy if your car already has some tinting in place and you want to complete the look without shelling out money for extra material you don’t need.

The material is high quality with four levels of tint available. Always bear in mind the legalities of tinting levels before you order – something we’ll take a quick look at in the buying guide below.