Trunkcratepro Trunk Organizer


This next trunk organizer comes built with four compartments but allows for easy customization with its removable two sub-dividers – if you want to improvise. For further customization, the addition of a slider feature means you can create compartments of different sizes depending on your specific needs. And if a sturdy product is what you are after, this trunk organizer offers just that – a stiff base with significant velcroed support at the bottom; posing no problem to your trunk floor.

As for portability, the strong, strap handles are ideal for those who require easy transportation, swift and pain-free movement. Designed to fit all vehicles, this trunk organizer has also comes built with a thick PVC mesh that will withstand any force that arises when in the vehicle eliminating the possibility of wear and tear. Overall, it’s certainly versatile enough to be used as a back seat organizer too.