Truxedo TruXport Roll-up Truck Bed Cover 245901


Looking from the side of your truck, the TruXport does give your ride a very sporty look, increasing the height of your truck bed by 1.5 inches. Now one may think that this extra space is where the forces of nature can find their way inside the cargo space. That might be true, especially if you don’t secure the Velcro system that’s integrated into the design of these roll-up truck bed covers. Secure the Velcro and you’re guaranteed a safer, weather-tight seal around the shell. Straight cross tubes run the width of the TruXport to make sure that there will be no unsightly sags on its weatherproof cover made of premium-quality leather-grained fabric.

There are tension controls too, allowing you to straighten the cover and keep it really tight and neat looking. This tonneau cover may be a bit pricier than some, but it sure is great for those who prefer a rollup than a trifold.