TuckVisor Windshield Sun Car Visor Extender


Many users are indebted to TuckVisor for saving them from ‘blind’ commutes. This removable and reusable visor sunshade is ergonomically designed with specialized opaque, semi-rigid material that doesn’t let any sunlight through. TuckVisor’s product is thin enough to reshape by cutting yet bulky enough to stop sunlight in its tracks.

Manufactured in the United States, fitting this sunshade couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is press the visor flat and slide and tuck it into position. It’s held in place by the window and trim. As well as affirming that its sunshade won’t tear, fold, or fray, TuckVisor guarantees that its product will last your car’s lifetime. Say goodbye to the dark days of sun visor clips and hello to shielded eyes and relaxed drives.