Tyger Auto 4-Inch Nerf Bar Running Boards


Tyger Auto is back with another product that’s very much in the mold of the product we looked at above. What we have here is a product that mixes the best parts of a traditional running bar and a Nerf bar, just as we saw on the product that kicked off this list. This one though leans a little more toward the Nerf end of the scale however with clearly defined (though identically colored) stepping pads.

Still, it is not quite going to stand out like a normal Nerf bar, and certainly not to the extent of a polished steel/chrome style model. That deep black styling will offer a pop of sorts against paintwork however, especially lighter shades. Construction is extremely solid, as you would expect from Tyger Auto, with the 4-inch bars pre treated to prevent imperfections, double coated inside and out and finished with gloss black powder.

The stepping pads are textured for sure footing, and also contain built in UV protection to prevent fading. All in then a very well designed, very well constructed Running/Nerf bar hybrid from the subtler end of the styling range.