Tyger Auto Textured Nerf Bar


These are some tough, tough Nerf Bars. They actually have a width of around 5 inches, and the stepping boards blend seamlessly due to the black powder finish applied all over. It means that these are actually kind of a best of both worlds style of design. On the one hand the width and strength of running boards, on the other the visual pop of the extended stepping points.  

High quality plugs that seal all the bar ends, keeping out dirt and water, compliment that black powder finish. Installation is extremely easy too, with a simple bolt on design that requires no drilling. A total weight capacity of around 500 pounds is the final piece of evidence of the toughness of these bars.

And you know what – they look good too. A lot of running bars in particular, when they are built for toughness and with a lean toward practical us, can look a little dull. These bad boys look great. That all over black gloss powder finish really helps make them pop against car paintwork, whilst the detailed laser etched designs on the stepping pads are the cherry on top of a very well considered design.