UE1T-View Window Tint Roll


With the products that come rolled, you are really looking for several indicators of quality. The first is that the material is resistant to bubbling, as this will make applying the tint easier.

You also want to look for a roll that is resistant to peeling and has built-in high heat resistance. Again, both will make installing the tint easier, but both will also help it to provide a nice long life span. That especially applies with the heat resistance element, as a window tint lacking in this feature will soon start to fade in sunshine.

This roll from UE1 is packing all of these design points, and what’s more it’s also 2 ply for added thickness and resistance to scratching. Not only that, but it is also the cheaper of the two rolled materials on the list, while still being 100 feet long, plenty of material to tackle a normal car tinting.

The product we have linked to here is the 35% tint, but it is also available at 20% and 5% strengths, so there will be a roll to suit your every need.