Uenjoy Kids Ride-On Mercedes-Benz SL500


The sleek curves of this mini Mercedes-Benz SL500 make this motorized toy from Uenjoy one of the best battery car for kids in our review.  Ideal as an electric ride-on car for 1 to 5-year-olds, the detail on this toy Mercedes is also impressive, from the Merc logo to the dashboard and wheel hubs.

But how does it drive? With its rechargeable 12V battery, you get two speeds as well as a parental remote override, and can travel at between 3-5km/h. Its rear-wheel drive gives a smooth ride while all four wheels are set with a spring suspension system. Meanwhile a seat belt and lockable doors keep your toddler safe as they drive. Inside there’s also a neat dashboard system, pre-set with songs and stories as well as an FM radio and option to connect your own music via USB or Bluetooth. Yes, it is near the top end of our budget, but this is a ride-on toy your kids will go drive crazy for.