Ugreen Nylon Braided Aux Cable


If you’re looking for an aux cord that connects via USB, the Esbeecables Auxiliary Cable is a solid option. The cord itself is over 3 feet long, with a gold-plated male plug on one end. The other end features an up-to-date aux chip so you can connect the cord to a modern smartphone. As for the wire itself, it’s made out of quality wire, housed in a dual-protected jacket. Everything from the streamlined USB chip to the flexible wire is meant to perfect the resulting sound. An added benefit is that this cord features a stylish, zebra-patterned exterior that makes it easy to spot in a car’s interior. Everything from the nylon braiding to the internal wire is meant to provide a high-fidelity sound, void of static from input to output. When it comes to type-c cables, this model sets the bar high.

Keep in mind that this aux cord connects to a USB on one end, rather than the commonplace male-to-male attachment. It’s ideal for connecting modern devices to older vehicles, just make sure that this is the type of connection you need.