U&M Auto Seat Belt Shoulder Pad


There is another seat belt cover from U&M on our list of recommendations, and it is an equally exceptional product. This is the U&M Auto Seat Belt Cover, an innovative cover designed for the everyday driver. We all seek comfort while driving, just as we do safety. With this seat belt cover, you get the best of both worlds, making all your trips more enjoyable. This is a cover unit manufactured with help from high density and authentic Australian sheepskin wool. This material is incredibly soft and feels pleasant to the touch. The use of wool is meant to keep you comfortable, even during the cold seasons.

The U&M car seat belt covers have an excellent wear resistance which protects you and your passengers from problems associated with wearing seatbelts. The installation process of this seat belt cover is very easy and straightforward. It requires no extra tools or skills; thus, anyone can use it. We recommend this unit for all drivers. It is shrink-proof, easy to disassemble and non-deforming; therefore, durability is assured for years to come.