Uniden Digital Handheld Scanner


We now turn to one of the more advanced designs on the list. This is a digital scanner from Uniden. This company has a stellar reputation for producing top-quality digital radio scanners, and it makes a variety of highly functional products for you to choose from.

This product does boast a premium price tag, so be aware of that going in. What do you get for your bucks, though? Well, Uniden has crammed its HomePatrol-1 software into a handheld for the first time ever with this product, which means incredible bandwidth and compatibility with Phase 1 & Phase 2 digital signals and full integration into Motorola, EDACS and LTR Trunked communication systems. What does that mean? Well, it means that no matter the complexity of the system you want to listen into, this little baby can probably handle it.

This is also a great emergency scanner for two reasons. One it contains GPS tracking software to allow it to receive specific area weather and emergency alerts through the S.A.M.E weather alert system. It also runs on simple AA batteries, so you can stockpile a good supply of emergency power to get you through any event.