Uniden HomePatrol Series Mobile Digital Scanner


Our next product comes from Uniden, another manufacturer making another return appearance on our list. In essence, this product is like the big brother of the BaoFeng scanner radio we looked at earlier and identified as a good, if basic, introduction model.

This product is basically the next step up from that radio. It costs about twice as much, but it also comes with about twice as many features. The first upgrade is easy to see in the image and it is that nice, high gain antenna that this product comes bundled with (the BaoFeng had a similar antenna, but you had to pay for it separately).

In addition to that, you get excellent memory function with this police scanner. It can hold up to 300 individual channels, and they are grouped in sets of 30, each set assigned a numbered button. That makes it easy to remember and find saved channels. Finding those channels is also nice and easy, with the built-in Close Call capture technology, this is a really neat feature that automatically scans and give priority to radio signals that are local to you, making it easier to find the radio channels you want to listen to in your locality.