uSEAL Hot Liquefied Rubber Concrete Driveway Sealer


This product is quite different from the others that we have in this list as this is actually made from rubber. The uSEAL product was originally formulated as a long lasting weather-resistant repair for airports and highways before they decided to bring this product to the mass market and make it available as a DIY product. There are many benefits to rubber but the main purpose of hot liquified rubber is that it stays flexible and bonds to cracks in the wall, concrete and pavements. It actually claims to be the only concrete sealer on the market that can fill hairline cracks and give you the same results as a professional – and that’s quite a claim! The product can be used to fill any size cracks and the rubber heats up in 20 minutes or less. When ready, the rubber will provide a weatherproof, temperature-resistant seal that will protect against the elements.