Ustellar 55W LED Work Light


Bright, durable and easy to use, the Ustellar LED work light is perfect for both indoor and outdoor repair tasks. With whopping 5500 lumens and adjustable brightness levels, this little light is convenient and efficient. Speaking of brightness, you can infinitely adjust the unit’s brightness levels from 28W to 55W, depending on your needs in different conditions.

The Ustellar low-consumption work light has a 16 ft. power cord, making it suitable for all kinds of work and repair jobs. The manufactuer states it has an IP65 rating, which should make it dust- and water-tight. The unit is flexible too – with adjustable angle knobs, you can tilt the light in pretty much any direction you need. Another plus is the unit’s cool-to-touch design – the fixture has a fin type heat sink, meaning it dissipates heat similarly to a radiator. It’s not perfectly cool after working for hours, mind you, but it’s definitely not too hot either