Valterra Red Stackers RV Levelers


If you think you’ve found the leveling blocks for you, Valterra’s Stackers will take you back to square one of the decision-making process. Do yourself a favor and purchase these blocks if you own a large campervan weighing more than 40,000 lbs – that’s a respectable 10,000 lbs per wheel. Each one incorporates a handy self-fastening strap for storage too.

Able to be used as a multi-leveler, jack stand, and tongue wheel support, the versatility of Valterra’s blocks goes a long way. Although customers complain about small pebbles entering into the cracks and splitting the blocks, simply remove them before use to keep the blocks in tip-top condition. These leveling blocks are pricier than most, but if you’re looking for a quality product without and additional mats or chocks, it’s a fairly respectable fee.