Valvoline 5W-30 MaxLife High Mileage Motor Oil


Just like Mobil 1’s High Mileage Motor Oil, Valvoline’s MaxLife High Mileage 5w-30 Motor Oil is specifically designed for vehicles that have engines well over 75,000 miles. So it really doesn’t make sense to use the oil in newer cars that barely reached the 50,000-mile mark let alone the 75,000. An evaluation of customer reviews shows that the main complaint is not receiving the right product. Quite a few customers noted that the MaxLife as advertised has the Dexos seal. However, what they received doesn’t have any. It is worth pointing out that this is in no way related to the performance of the MaxLife since sending the wrong product is the sole responsibility of online sellers. To eliminate this issue it is best to obtain MaxLife from reputable sellers.