Vampliers Lineman Pliers


The Vampliers Pro Lineman’s Pliers are easy and comfortable to use all day long. They are every handyman’s dream with their heavy-duty, high-quality material selection, durable construction, and impressive structure. They are screw extraction pliers that help you remove rusted/stuck/corroded or stripped nuts, screws, and bolts. The Vampliers feature a patented Vampliers technology, which allows you to extract all target screws using either the side or top jaws of your tool.

Vampliers Lineman pliers can be used in various industries with ease, thanks to their RoHS compliance. If you love to fix electrical and mechanical issues by yourself, you will love the Vampliers Lineman’s pliers. They are comfortable to use, thanks to their ergonomically designed elastomer handles. These pliers also act as a wire cutter and can handle all tight screws with ease, thanks to the Rockwell standard toughening. We recommend these excellent gripping pliers that allow you to remove bolts, rusted screws, and nuts with ease.