Vesafe Universal Solar Tire Pressure Monitoring System


The second solar powered TPMS sensor to make it onto our list is Vesafe’s wireless pressure monitoring system. Its four sensors send reliable, real-time tire pressure and temperature data to the dashboard monitor, and offer a visual and audio alarm when these readings fall outside of their safe range. Although the monitor can be solar-powered, you can also charge it up using your car’s cigarette lighter when the occasion calls for it.

Waterproof, theft-proof, and easy to install, this TPMS is ideal for first time users. It even comes with a set of tools specifically designed to facilitate installation and battery replacement. Although the system isn’t suitable for motorhomes, caravans, or trailers, it is compatible with all types of four wheeled cars.

Finally, Vesafe sell this system complete with an 18 month warranty, demonstrating the faith they have in the durability of their product.