Visormates Sun Visor Extenders


Do you feel bad for your partner squinting in the passenger seat while you take the wheel? Now the two of you can enjoy sun protection thanks to Visormates’ two-for-one deal. The two included sun visor extenders are available in small, medium, and large as well as in a multitude of exclusive designs. Customers love the classy designs, claiming that their sun visor extenders are inconspicuous against their car’s built-in visors.

Visormates proudly manufacture all their products right here in the USA from interior car plastic. Although many critics state that it’s a lot of money for ‘a few pieces of plastic and four plastic bands’, for your investment you’ll receive first-class customer service too – including an email concerning your car’s make and model. In our unbiased opinion, it’s the best twenty quid you’ll spend all year!